Finding a lake place on Lake Martin has gotten more difficult.  There are fewer properties available and prices are definitely on the rise.  For those wanting to own waterfront property on Lake Martin, the South’s most beautiful lake, the options are limited.

The options are: the small cabin on a secluded lot in the back of a slough, built in the early 1970s before building codes, the new lake house that looks like a city house wedged onto a narrow lot, the 1,200 square foot condo with neighbors above, below and on either side.  Then, of course, there are the beyond-price-category “McMansions”.

That is until the newest addition to Lake Martin, White Oak LandingWhite Oak is conveniently located just one mile off of U.S. Highway 280 in Alexander City.  This gives property owners four-lane highway access to Birmingham (75 minutes northwest), Auburn (35 minutes east) and Atlanta (2 hours northeast).

Rather than being tucked away from civilization, White Oak enjoys city services such as police and fire protection, public water, and proximity to stores, restaurants, and medical care.  White Oak is ideally located for those looking for a weekend cottage or a full-time waterfront residence.

The homes at White Oak Landing are designed for lake life by a proven team of lake home designers.  Features needed in a lake home, such as outdoor living, piers, seawalls and water-toy storage, are first considerations rather than afterthoughts.  Lake life is best enjoyed with extended family and friends, so designs are created to give space for gathering as well as places for peaceful dreams.


While it is good to have neighbors when at the lake, you want a measure of privacy and nature as well.  Each of the building sites in White Oak Landing provides extra elbow room for the property owner, ample space for piers, safe swimming, and protection of natural surroundings including mature forest.

All of this is found in a master-planned community with appropriate protective covenants and design guidelines with attractive pricing.  A library of plans is available for this multi-phase community with turn-key, complete-package pricing beginning at $575,000.